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Rob and Tina are the characters you see below. Rob in black and Tina in red. They are some of the best people I've come to know, and I have a great amount of respect for them. The idea for these stories came out of a backpacking trip we take annually. This year, however, it was different. Two of the regulars, my brother, Troy and his wife, Giselle, were looking forward to their first Baby. Rob decided to tell stories to Troy about the adventures that awaited him in fatherhood. The stories he told were so humorous and true that I decided that they should not just be kept private. This is the true advice of what it's like to have a child or multiple children. The things you thought you prepared for, you find out that it's not that simple and happy milestones like a baby's first steps aren't things to celebrate, but more like events to dread.

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